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Zuidland – Dakar (part 1)

Two cars, four travel companions, eight countries, sixteen tanks of petrol, and 6.200 kilometers in eight days … A unique journey in which both cars did not break down, no one got sick, and we did not even have a flat tire. To sum it up, it was an adventure that blessed us greatly!

It was a trip to remember and recapping this trip is not an easy task. So, this is the reason we have decided to do so by just sharing some highlights of special moments and encounters from Ewien’s diary…

We quickly sped through Europe, even continuing our journey at night. I was still able to enjoy the idyllic scenery of Spain though; the countryside and the vineyards. The rising temperatures made our hearts beat faster in excited anticipation of the warmer weather.

Bootovertocht MarokkoFor us, the real adventure began with the ferry crossing to Morocco. It took a while to board the ferry and for the sailing to start. The boat crossing of 1 hour and 45 minutes was well worth it though; after all, how often do you get to see dolphins jumping up from under the ship?

Once we left the ferry, the Moroccan Customs registered our two Peugeots. The registering process was not very difficult, and we were soon able to enjoy the Moroccan hospitality and kindness. In the streets almost everyone was smiling or had some kind words for us, such as “Welcome to Morocco“! The different style of Ewiens’ jeans and bright t-shirt caught the attention of many people and left them wondering about us. 🙂

As dusk was setting in, Mohammed (M) appeared out of the blue offering to help us find a good place to sleep. It was a short walk of about 30 minutes through all kinds of beautiful streets and alleys, but we were unable to find an actual place to sleep. Many European owners of lodging accommodations were currently not in Morocco, so we had to come up with our own solution.Eigen vlees uitzoeken

Eventually, we ended up in a simple ‘ Inn ‘ in the middle of Azemmour. After settling in, we enjoyed seeing the colorful streets come to life and being served a delicious Moroccan meal. For dessert we ordered a tasty mint tea and then walked back slowly. The prices were amazingly affordable (2 kg. Mandarin oranges for 50 Euro cents)!

After a cold night, we warmed- up slowly during a city walk on a gorgeous morning. M. showed us many beautiful places then after “replenishing our batteries”, we went on to our next stop. The landscape towards Marrakech started changing swiftly. The desolate desert features of Mauritania appeared slowly. Besides The International Film Festival, there is little action in Marrakech, which was all the more reason to put in a few more miles that day. Azemmour En route we stopped for some coffee and delicious ice cream. After all, it was also a bit of a holiday!

A dog was happy with our company and jumped- up playfully against me and one of our travel companions. The other person was very frightened by this unexpected jump and pushed the dog away quickly thinking he might have been infected with rabies! We laughed spontaneously. It is so much fun travelling with a group of people; never a dull moment! 🙂

We ended that Friday with a Couscous Royal along the harbour docks. We enjoyed a complimentary mint tea and a red rose for the ‘ lady ‘! Moroccans are real charmers! To be continued!

If anyone is interested in further details about this unique trip, then don’t hesitate to contact us! Just mail your questions to us, and we will answer them in our next Blog.

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