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Solar Fair

The first steps

Sure enough, last week it happened … My first steps with the help of crutches. Interesting, how weak (read: thin) your leg can get, if you didn’t use for awhile. Muscles are disappearing evaporating into thin air, only fat remains. This regained freedom is tasting good!

Our first steps into networking are made also. Last week, we enjoyed a few days Munich, visiting the annual ‘InterSolar exhibition’. It was good to see how Anco is blending in with other technical people and how much he is enjoying it. Always amazing to see His Hand in the meetings we have with companies that are really interested in helping out in Africa.

In the evenings, we enjoyed some time with our host family in Germany. Our hostess took Ewien one afternoon to an art museum, this time with wheel chair! Host Dennis was happy with the various custard we brought from the Netherlands.

After the exhibition, Anco and I took some time off enjoying a big park close by. This park, in the middle of Munich, was a good place to unwind a little and enjoy the people and nature. A precious time before heading back to Holland on a eight hour trip.

The moment we arrived home in Zuidland, Joel (our Malian friend doing an internship at the farm) jumped up, happy to see us again. Africans love company and are not used to living in a home, alone 🙂

The first steps towards filling a new container for Mali are made as well. In the month of July, we hope to fill this one with project materials, but also musical instruments, that could serve a second life in Mali. Churches or music schools will be more than happy to make good use of them!

We are living a somewhat nomadic life. It is always good to come back to the same spot of Holland, to reconnect with friends, family, our own food and culture. This summer, we will also visit friends, companies and churches in Saint Louis, Heston, Boston and … Alaska!

It is going to be a great summer! Enjoy your summer as well and don’t forget to look around to ‘truly see’ the beautiful things of life!

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