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As CAMA missionary workers, we work with a circle of friends (family, friends, organizations, churches), who financially support our stay in Senegal / Mali. Each missionary worker receives a fixed allowance provided by CAMA. Over all the years of being on our ‘missionary adventure with God’, we have seen that God provides every time! Everything has always worked out! Isn’t God faithful?!

Help us help …
In addition to the financial support that we receive for our livelihood, we are also able to put aside a portion for small projects. An example of this is the allowance we are able to provide Oliver, Anco’s right-hand man, for the work he has done together with Anco.

Oliver tries about anything!

Oliver did not do well in school and was sent away when he was too old to continue. His brother introduced him to us in January 2010, asking us whether or not Anco would take him under his wing. He now follows Anco almost daily on foot, and he has proven to be a dedicated and hard -working individual; eager to learn and not afraid to take on (unfamiliar) things.

Do you want to help? Or do you have a different way to contribute to one of the projects in West-Africa? This can be done in several ways:

    1. Surf to page projects where our (current) projects are named and explained.
    2. Give through C&MA secure website …
      The account number is 1-47454-43-37 with the name “Anco & Ewien van Bergeijk Support – Holland”. Tax deductible donations from US donors may be given to this account.
    3. Or invest directly through our personal PayPal: “100% goes to project, Gift is not via CAMA and is not tax deductible”.
      We are always looking for people who want to invest in Africa and Africans; in any one of these creative ways! Thank you in advance…
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