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A few months after our marriage (June 2001), we came to a crossroads. At that time, things were going badly in the IT sector, where Anco worked. When Anco’s job came to an end, we had to make a choice. Looking for a new job in the Netherlands? Or use our knowledge and skills to support church projects abroad?

From that moment on we began our search for a missionary organisation. In CAMA we found an organisation that suits us in the way we work and we live our faith. Together with them, we found a location in West Africa, where there was and is a great need for technical support.

In preparation for our departure to West Africa, we studied French for 10 months in Paris. From Sept 2004 – Dec 2012 ML was our home base.

In recent years we have been travelling more and more as technical advisors to various projects in West Africa. For this reason, we have been based in centrally located Senegal since December 2012.

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