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Maliwood Productions

…film that touches lives!…

Ewien has worked extensively in the area of film and photography. Under the name of Maliwood Productions, she produces videos for educational, musical, and documentary purposes. Through the lens of her camera she visually captures the hopeful side of Africa. “I want to touch and move others by showing how much beauty God brings into the lives of Africans. Both film and photography are a means to engage with people by telling the story behind an image.”

Drone beelden in videoclip

All productions are issued under a so-called ‘Creative Common License‘, so that the work may be freely copied, distributed and transmitted. Normally, professional video materials socially or charitably funded are copyrighted, and this unfortunately limits a vast amount of materials from reaching a large group of people who could otherwise benefit from them.


  • The teaching and practical expansion of important basic health and hygiene information.
  • Empowerment: To develop an understanding of the limitless possibilities that open up when joining together to work towards the common good.
  • Improving the quality of life in Africa, both physically and mentally.

In February 2014 Ewien produced a short video (Water Brings Life: Water Mining in West-Africa by Means of Air-Drilling) for sponsor Diaber Benelux BV, manufacturer of pneumatic drilling and demolition

Ewien’s video images about Christian refugees from Mali were used in May 2013 for a documentary about the persecuted Church in M. (aired for Zendtijd voor Kerken/Open Doors).

In 2012 productions aired with topics such as: basic hygiene, diarrhea (1 in 4 children die before the age of 5); baby food, proper storage of food (TV-commercial World Vision) and healthy pregnancy (1 out of 19 women in West-Africa die before, during, or after childbirth).

Other border crossing short productions were produced, such as: Stories of Hope (for the Hope Clinic in Guinea) and Planting Seeds of Life (for the Beersheba Project in Senegal).

Easily preventable and curable diseases in West-Africa kill many children. As a result, 1 out of 4 children does not reach the age of 5! (Source: Unicef. nl)