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School Model Mali1.School Model

Attending school is not common in Africa. It is certainly not the case if you are a girl who is a good help in the home. The elementary school that I visited and where I met this girl is extra special. There is no comparable school in Mali using as many colors, games, and other things to teach these children through play. It was a delight to be with them for a while! SOLD!

Portrait of a fisher boy Mali2. Portrait of a fisher boy

I will always remember the moment when I took this picture. It was a tranquil and peaceful moment with wonderful light and beautiful surroundings. Though he appeared to be just a young boy fishing with friends, through the lens I saw a proud fisherman helping his family by providing additional food! He lived in a simple settlement of fishermen along with many other families.

Girls' dance Mali3. Girls ‘ Dance (3rd Prize in – June 2012; a national street photography competition)

It was a beautiful encounter in the streets of Koutiala, Mali. The picture seems to be staged, but that was not the case. These girls happily showed me what they could do with a tire and thoroughly enjoyed doing so together. It was fun for me too, because of the spectacular display of light and the colors of the actual portrait that seem to splash off the canvas.

“Not the standard penetrating black and white, but a spectacular color photo. It is a pleasant street scene in Mali. The color scheme, the different expressions on the faces, and the beautiful light make this a nice portrait. ” (Judge

Sister Love Mali4. Sister Love

A beautiful intimate moment during a Sunday church service in a small village church far from the city limits of an African city. The care that children show towards each other touches me deeply time after time. No family bond is needed for these two girls to relate as sisters.


Tailor and his sheep Senegal5. Tailor & his sheep

Full of surprise, I watched these two lambs run out of the house behind the workshop of this young tailor and straight to him to be petted. It was something I hadn’t seen before in Senegal. He told me later that the mother ewe had died at their birth, and that he had taken care of these animals ever since.


Happy Bath Moments Guinee6. Happy Bath Moments

The mother patiently allowed me to shoot pictures while she prepared the bucket to bathe her baby in. In the background you can see a girl sitting with a portable ‘IV’; a somewhat stark contrast to the very happy baby. Life, illness, and death in Africa are closely connected, and that is even more the case in the hospital where this picture was taken. SOLD!

Table artist Mali7. Table artist

(It is the same school as in the picture ‘ School Model ‘). This boy had drawn several times on his desk when the teacher wasn’t looking. I had to be quick to snap this photo. Later, when I showed the picture to the teacher, she told me with a smile on her face; “Yes, he will become a talented artist later on.”


Magical sunset Mali8. Magical sunset

(This picture was taken the same evening as “Portrait of a Fisher Boy “). It was wonderful how everything came together. The sun’s reflection on the water was the “finishing touch”. It was a peaceful evening in the middle of nature.



No letting down Senegal9. No letting down

Koran students (Talibés) in Senegal receive little love and care from their families. They are turned over to a teacher to be trained as good Muslims. A youth center takes care of them once a week with love, care, and food. A game of football is the highlight of this morning; and as evident, they are all fanatics!


In Line Mali10. In Line

This is a young shepherd on his way home with his flock. After a long day and many miles in search of food for his animals; he is happy to be back on the road for home. It was a wonderful sight to see all the animals following behind so neatly lined up.

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