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From every perspective, life in West Africa is very different from that in the Netherlands. Colorful moving images help us to bring stories alive.

As a missionary worker your home is often found in many different places. In addition to Senegal/Mali you will find videos here from other places that we settled for both long and short amount of times.

Separate links to short video’s:

River of Life – N’Tossoni well 2016 | Pulling up water tower | Introduction to Beersheba | Bethel Roofing | Water gives Life – Diaber Benelux BV | Cissa – l’Amour Vivant (2014) – Interview | Cissa & Vieux Diallo – Doom Ju Reer (2013) – Interview | Interview Singer Cissa > Harmoniser, 2013 | The power of solar, 2012 | Digging wide diameter wells in Mali II | Digging wider diameter wells | Upgrade radio station Niena > Victron Energy |Trying new things | All for Bethel 2011 | Agricultural innovation Mali | Field preparing: new ways | Adding solar to Children’s home | Drip irrigation Koutiala

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