new year 2018 Projects | Hoopvol Afrika


Mali/West Africa has a great need for technical support. In recent years, we have been able to contribute to these types of projects in several ways:

  • Installation of solar panels for missionary hospital in Guinea. The only other alternative is an expensive diesel generator.
  • Village clinics equipped with solar energy. No more deliveries with flashlights!
  • The construction of websites; an important communication tool for partners within and outside Africa (e.g. http://www.koutialahospital.org
  • Education as a commitment for a better future!
    ◦ Mentoring young Africans (General technical, agricultural, video).
    ◦ Technical support schools (i.e. setting up computer classrooms).
    ◦ Computer project in boys prison Bolle Mineurs, Bamako.
  • Technical support for already existing radio stations and the founding of new radio stations. A Malian household without radio is unthinkable!
  • Solar installation to light up the agricultural, Christian school Beersheba in M’Bour, Senegal. improving Agriculture. enabling the Church. transforming Communities.

On a regular basis we also send containers from The Netherlands (Holland) with relief goods to provide other projects with sustainable materials.

An overview of the projects, divided into categories of Agricultural Support, ICT, Multimedia, and Solar Energy:

Power of solar Koutiala ziekenhuis Solar Energy Mali
Bethel Solar Project Agricultural Support / Solar Energy Mali
School pc’s ICT Burkina Faso
Building websites ICT Mali
No Malian Household Without Radio Multi media Mali
Maliwood Productions Multi media Mali
No more deliveries with flashlights Solar Energy Mali
Hope Clinic solar-powered Solar Energy Guinea
Planting seeds of Life – Beersheba Solar Energy Senegal

We are working on a short English description of the different projects. Read our Project Summary for more info on our projects/work.

If you are interested in supporting some of these projects, do not hesitate to write us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.