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There are many different ways ‘To Act ‘. We would like to highlight the various projects in West Africa in which we are involved and in which you can invest!

Hemelse hoopWest Africa has a great need for technical support. In recent years we have been able to contribute in various ways:

  • Complete energy supply for several hospitals and (bible) schools.
  • Projects that provided solar energy to village clinics. No more childbirth with flashlights!
  • Creative contribution to African initiatives through video and photography.
  • Technical support to set up already existing and new radio stations. An African household without radio is just unimaginable!
  • Technical advice in agricultural Bible School BeerSheba in Senegal.
  • Mentoring young Africans (general technical, agrarian, video). Education as a commitment for a better future!

We also regularly send containers with sustainable materials from the Netherlands with relief supplies for various projects.

In addition to financial help, your prayers are of practical help to us too! We do not want and cannot do our work in West Africa without prayer. A group of people praying for us is powerful and is support that clearly makes a noticeable difference! This is even more evident in a country where, in addition to the true God – other false spirits are frequently called upon to assist people in the reality of their difficult daily existence.

“A family that prays together stays together.” (Mother Teresa’s speech when receiving the Nobel Peace Prize)

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