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The Country of Mali

Mali is located in West Africa. It borders Mauritania, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Senegal. The country became independent from France In 1960. The capital city of Mali is Bamako. Other major places are: Timbuktu, Ségou, Sikasso and Mopti.

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Mali has a vast area of desert, consisting of 70% desert plains. For the most part, the economy of the country runs on the export of gold and cotton.The local population lives mainly from agriculture and fishing. The Malians live mostly according to traditions and live largely in mud houses. In the middle of the country, you can find the Niger. This is one of the three largest rivers in Africa and runs right through the country. The Niger is home to hippos and crocodiles amongst many other animals.

Besides these, there is very little wildlife in Mali, because its people hunt all other live animals for their food supply. There are however a lot of species of birds including many birds of prey.

Surface: 1.240.192 km²
Capital: Bamako
Population: 12.667.000 inhabitants
Religion: Muslim (>86%), Christian (< 2%)
Form of Government: Republic
Distance (Amsterdam – Bamako): 4.553 km
Flight Duration: Approx 5 hours


More information/statistics:

The North-East of Mali was declared independent in April 2012 after a military coup in the Malian capital Bamako. The North East was then taken over by jihadists. Half a million people have fled the area.