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Why Mali / Senegal

KamelentochtA few months after our marriage (June 2001), we arrived at a crossroads. At the time Anco was employed in the IT-sector. When Anco was made redundant because of the unstable condition of the IT-sector, we found ourselves faced with a very difficult decision. Should he look for a new job in the Netherlands, or should we use our knowledge and skills to support church projects abroad?

We believed that we were to go forward using our knowledge and skills for church projects abroad. At this point we began to search for a missionary organization with whom our way of working and our religious experience would fit and found CAMA. Together with them, we found West-Africa to be a region with a great need for technical support.

In preparation for our work, we began our study of French for 10 months, as French is the official language in Mali. From Sept 2004 – Dec 2012, M. has been our home base.

In the last years we have found us travelling more and more with our work as technical advisers and branching out to several projects in other parts of West Africa. For this reason, we moved to Senegal in December 2012.