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A somewhat ‘different type’ of work that shows clearly visible changes is the digging of water wells.

Research by US Aid has shown that no less than 80% of 18,000 drilled (12 cm diameter) water resources are no longer in use. Few local people are able to maintain the wells. The preferred option is large diameter wells where people can simply throw a bucket in when the pump is no longer working.

“I am grateful that I have the opportunity to learn digging wells with machines. Their maintenance is completely new to me. Now, digging a well is no longer incredibly difficult and we can now dig a well in a few weeks as opposed to six months of sweating and toiling by hand”. According to one of the boys who was responsible for the progress of this important work.

Combining forces
Our well digging work is facilitated by knowledge and materials received free of charge from specialist companies. Thanks to Diaber Benelux BV, MOS Grondwatertechniek BV and Post Drilling in Tinte.

“Well digging is currently at a standstill due to a shortage of manpower. We hope that our young people will resume this important work in the future.”

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