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Ewien has specialized in film and photography. She produces videos for educational, musical and documentary purposes. With her cameras Ewien captures the Hopeful side of (African) life.

“I want to touch a deeper chord, to show how many wonderful things God is bringing into the lives of Africans. Both film and photography are a great way to talk to people, to tell the story behind an image”.

Vlag Erop Los
Nieuwe Wegen 2019

In the meantime, her passion has taken a more professional turn. Her video images were for example broadcasted on television in both Africa and the Netherlands. She was also actively involved in putting the talented Senegalese singer Cissa on the map (

Also eight photographic portraits of African Christians were selected for publication on the back page of the Nederlands Dagblad (Faith & Hands, April/May 2013).

For the agricultural school Beersheba she is the regular photographer and every year she enjoys portraying the students in a unique and personal way.

Ewiens passie voor beelden wordt ingezet voor praktische doelen die God haar op het hart geeft én die de Afrikanen verder helpen.

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