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“We travel an average of 20,000 km per year on rough, often unpaved, West African roads. Our passion for God, youth, technology and Africa leads us to the most remote of places”.

As technical advisor/project leader ANCO is involved in water and energy supply, as well as radio and agricultural work. During his work, he takes (uneducated) young people under his wing. Anco often brings his own materials and tools for his specific work, this in order to facilitate projects the best way possible.

“We consciously do not start our own projects, but rather connect with already existing initiatives, in close cooperation with the local African church and young people. To support the future generation”.

Back-up Energie Systeem Koutiala Ziekenhuis
Beersheba Sign

Education as a means to a better future!
In West Africa, Anco & Ewien have set up a number of computer classrooms at various schools.

In the Netherlands it is quite common – either at school or at home or often at both places – to have a computer at your disposal. That’s how Dutch children grow up. That is definitely not the case in (West) Africa. Here, at school computers are still a rare commodity, even though they are the future.

“For this reason, each year we try to take flat screen computers with us in our aid container so that we can pass them on to others. ‘Hands to serve (Holland)’ is a great blessing to us by collecting computers for us throughout the year.

Website building / ICT
Websites are increasingly an important communication tool for partners inside and outside Africa. For example, Ewien has assisted in building websites for hospitals and Bible schools in West Africa …

” For the above work, our help is less and less needed. Well-educated (young) Africans are picking up this work more and more, and that’s a good thing”.

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