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Anco’s passion for solar energy comes in handy whilst working in Africa. In the West African countries where we work, the sun shines nearly every day. In addition, solar energy is not only cost-saving and environmentally friendly, but it also makes things possible that could not be realised before.

A good example of this can be found in Guinea, where the Hope Clinic operates entirely on sunshine (30 kVA). In this remote location, previously only a diesel generator could generate electricity. A very expensive, environmentally polluting and unreliable option.

Other example projects where solar energy is used for stable electricity and water supply are:

  • The Christian agricultural bible school Beersheba | 2 systems of 30 and 45 kVA. In addition to electricity for school activities (water supply to vegetable gardens, butchery/meat production, moringa factory, etc.), BS has also worked hard to provide for the surrounding villages. In addition to a local shop, grain mill and telephone charging point, also a small clinic on the outskirts of the site has been set up in recent years.
  • The expansion of the energy flow of the fast growing bible school in West Africa. Previously, the bible school had no less than nine connections with the grid manager! The first 100 kWh of electricity is still affordable, but when they rise above that the tariffs get very high. Solar energy offers an excellent solution!
  • A large hospital in West Africa with no less than 700+ solar panels on the roof. Watch the video below: The power of solar!
  • Various village garden projects. By providing sufficient clean water and energy, the villagers can grow their own vegetables, provide lighting for a clinic, charge telephones and, for example, open an activity center. Often on or close to the church grounds, establishing contact between villagers in a natural way.

In the design and implementation of the various projects, we make thankful use of recycled lithium batteries from the automotive industry.

Planting Seeds Of Life

Beersheba has characteristics of the garden of Eden. During the course of their education, students become more concerned with the care of trees and animals, thereby serving God (character building).

improving Agriculture. enabling the Church. transforming Communities.

BS Kliniek

Patient is treated at the Beersheba clinic.


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