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There are many different ways to get IN ACTION. Below is a selection of different projects in West Africa in which we take part and see how you can contribute!

Hemelse hoop

In West Africa there is a great need for technical support. In recent years we have been able to contribute in various ways:

  • Full energy supply for various hospitals and (bible) schools.
  • Village clinics provided with solar energy. No more deliveries with a torch!
  • Creative contribution to African initiatives through video and photography.
  • Technical support for existing and new radio stations. An African household without a radio is unimaginable!
  • Technical advice to the agricultural bible school BeerSheba in Senegal.
  • Mentorship for young Africans (general technical, agricultural, video). Education as a commitment for a brighter future!

From the Netherlands, we also regularly send containers of relief goods to supply various projects with sustainable materials.

Besides financial help, you can also pray for us in a very practical way! We will not and cannot do our work in West Africa without prayer. Having a prayer group behind us makes a clear and noticeable difference! Especially in a country where – besides God – other spirits are frequently called upon to assist the people in the reality of their daily, hard existence.

“A family that prays together, stays together” (Mother Teresa / speech when receiving the Nobel Peace Prize)

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