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Regularly we are asked which current projects/objectives can be supported? For this reason there’s the gift catalogue ‘Kingdom Giving’, with some examples that need back-up for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.

We will also provide global information online to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Wanna know more? Or receive the most up-to-date information? Or perhaps there’s a specific cause close to your heart you’d like to give to? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Hospital Kids

Coaching jonge Afrikanen

Teaching and coaching young Africans has had our hearts for 15+ years. For years we have taken young people for example on technical trips to the Hope Clinic, Guinea. One learns best by doing and along the way we also get a deeper look into the lives of our young people. Africa’s got talent! Goal: $500.

M. has a passion for evangelism, music and poetry. God gave her a dream to work among traumatized children in Rwanda.

S. has been working with us since 2014. His hidden talents slowly surfaced and now he is thriving in various technical fields. He never fails to learn new things and has a particular fondness for mechanics.

Bijbelschool West-Afrika (solar upgrade)

A Bible school in West Africa – over 8 acres in size – runs entirely on solar energy. In 2007 this school had only 7 students, currently the number is growing again and more than 60 students and their families lived there in 2019.

During the school year, the students and their families live on campus. One of their main tasks – besides attending classes – is to maintain their own vegetable garden. Through a healthy diet, each one flourishes.

With the growing number of students, the demand for energy and water for the houses, classrooms and other facilities also increases. Purpose: $10.000

Hoopvol Afrika
Bouw Mee
Family @ School
Jaar Beersheba

Container vol Licht (micro grid container)

A fenced-in compound the size of a small village, about 90 students and their families, with NO access to electricity. Unthinkable in our society. Yet a Bible school in West Africa opened its doors back in 1978 and has experienced extensive growth in students in the years since.
To this day, there is no prospect of an electricity grid to alleviate the hardships of everyday life. Apart from a few lights in the administration building and the teachers’ houses, the compound remains shrouded in darkness.
The construction and installation of a “micro grid in container form” (currently underway) – will bring a change from night to day. The supply of solar energy will not only bring additional light, but also additional water for the care of the student gardens. To keep our minds sharp, our bodies also need to be supplied with the right nutrient-rich ingredients.
The access to more and stable energy will also give a big step towards the modernization of the school. In which, in the future, every student will have access to doing computer research via the Internet. Purpose: $10.000 (of total 30.000)
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