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As CAMA mission workers, we work with a circle of friends (family, friends, organisations, churches) who financially support our stay in West Africa. Each missionary worker receives an allowance set by CAMA. In all the years of our ‘missionary adventure with God’ we have been able to see how God provides again and again. In all those years, we have not lacked anything! Isn’t that cool?!

HELP us to bless others…
In addition to the finances we receive for our daily living, we also have the opportunity to set aside a part of it for small projects. For example, we can give Oliver – Anco’s right-hand man – a work allowance for all the work he does.

Geef het doorOliver did not do well at school and – when he got too old – got expelled. His brother introduced him to us in January 2010, asking if Anco could take him under his wing. In the meantime, he has become, among other things, the ‘first technical man’ at a bible school in West Africa and has shown himself to be a true go-getter. Eager to learn and not afraid to tackle (unknown) issues.

Learning range
Over the years, our ‘first youngsters’ have taken other young people with them and provided them with training. In this way, the learning range extends. Something for which we are enormously grateful. We believe that ‘real change comes from within’.

Would you also like to contribute? Or do you think you can help one of the projects in West Africa in another way? Then don’t hesitate to contact us

We are always on the lookout for people who want to support Africa and Africans. Any way imaginable! We’re really grateful…

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